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                                                                        FAQS:Women’s Body Waxing

·        How long does it last before hair starts to grow? As a fairly new waxing client, your hair will grow in around every 4 weeks, but it will be patchier and much thinner than before; as you make waxing a routine, your hair will begin to grow in around 6 weeks or maybe longer.

·        How to prevent ingrown hairs? begin exfoliating - gently – twice a week, but don't begin exfoliation until 24 hours have passed since you had your waxing done. Also, right after waxing, you can apply a skin lotion which contains salicylic acid to the area. Use it right after waxing, and twice a day thereafter. That will help to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. One other thing, try to not wear tight clothing for at least 24 hours after waxing. Tight clothing which rubs against your skin are almost certain to cause ingrown hair and red bumps. Avoid this if you can.

·        Can pregnant women get waxed? Of course!! Keep in mind that you may be a little more sensitive, but I will always make sure you’re comfortable.

•             What are the long-term effects of waxing? YOUR HAIR BARELY GROWS…if you stay on a waxing schedule

·        What exactly gets covered in a Brazilian wax? EVERYTHING!! Hair is removed from front to back (yes, even in between the buttocks)

·        How long after shaving do I need to wait for Brazilian wax? The best amount of time is around 4 weeks after shaving. This allows the hair to grow out long enough to be pulled successfully from the root.

·        How often to get a Brazilian wax? Every 4-6 weeks until the hair doesn’t grow back in that time frame.

·        What are the advantages of a Brazilian wax over shaving? waxing is quicker, lasts a lot longer, and doesn't cause razor burn or the risk of cuts in sensitive areas.

·        Can I get a Brazilian wax with genital piercings? Oh yeahhh!!

·        Anti-Acne Drugs: "I have been on an anti-acne drug called Doxycycline and cream called Epiduo. How long do I have to be OFF this medication before I can get waxed?" 6 (Six) Months

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