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body waxing

              FAQS:Men's Body Waxing

·        What do I wear to my treatment? Loose fitting clothes is best for wax day

·        Will it stay red for long? IF any redness occurs, it’ll go down in a few hours. But you’re not likely to get red

·        How often do I have to wax? As a fairly new waxing client, your hair will grow in around every 4 weeks, but it will be patchier and much thinner than before; as you make waxing a routine, your hair will begin to grow in around 6 weeks or maybe longer.

·        Does the hair ever stop growing? With YEARS of routine waxing, some areas won’t grow back at all.

·        Can I wax my nose and ears? Yes, of course!

·        Is the sex better after waxing? Ohhhh yeahhhh, there’s NO hair there!!

·        What if I get a woody? Its nature! As a licensed professional, I understand and I’m trained to deal with ANY life situation in a professional manner.

·        Anti-Acne Drugs: "I have been on an anti-acne drug called Doxycycline and cream called Epiduo. How long do I have to be OFF this medication before I can get waxed?" 6 (Six) Months

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